We build
Remote Software Teams
We understand that every business is different and we have figured out the formula in building great teams
We source the highest caliber talent in Java Script Technology.
We have experience working in IT, Legal, HR, Banking, Tourism and Retail industries.
A 100% of our senior team has 10,000 hours of expertise in product crafting.
We have helped companies around the world set up Remote Teams and achieve their expansion goals.
We started with a team of 5 and scaled to a team of 35+ within a year.
Through our BOOT model, clients can now purchase the best teams in 16-18 months.


What our clients say about us
Jaikishen Jayesingha, CEO/Co-founder
"Covid-19 meant that our customers in the Netherlands needed multiple new features in a very short time span, so we needed to expand our tech team fast. Luckily for us, we found CabbageTeam who were able to put together the stack that we needed. They familiarised themselves with the code in no time, maintained great communication, and were able to meet our requirements in fast sprints"
Patric Bottne, CEO
”The CabbageTeam understood our requirements for the website and found the best solution, building the whole site custom. This allowed us to easily adapt our content to the website. We are quite happy with the on-time delivery and also the design of the final project”
Thisan Samarasinghe, Head of Technology
LOLC Technologies Limited
"We were having a difficult time with our front-end development. We initially discovered CabbageTeam through a referral when we were on a  tight deadline to release one of our modules. CabbageTeam maintained quality services and kept up to our best practices and industry standards. The communication between the teams were precise and effective, which played  an important role in the success of our timely module release. It has been a pleasure working with CabbageTeam and we hope to maintain our relationship with them in the long run."

Companies that have succeeded with our remote teams

Where are our clients from?
Low Code
Food Tech
Wellness Tech
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